Price – 1.390 EUR

About the course

The purpose of the Jet Orientation Course is to develop the skills a student will require in the modern jet orientated working environment. The JOC is designed as ideal preparation for pilots transitioning from the basic commercial training environment (piston engine aircraft) to jet airline operations.

Entry Requirements:

  • the minimum age is 18 years
  • ICAO English Level 4 or higher
  • valid CPL/ Frozen ATPL
  • valid ME/IR

Course details

Duration Structure Device Location Price
3 days 4 hrs theory A320 based FNPT II MCC Budapest –
Pilots Simulator Center
1.590 EUR
8 hrs simulator 1.390 EUR


Session Duration Description & Schedule
JOC THEORY 4 Hours overview and description of jet aircraft, aerodynamics, high-altitude handling of jets, approach and go-aorund considerations, other topics (noise abatement, abnormal procedures…), simulator-specific advices, mock-up trainer
JOC1 SIM 1 hour briefing
4 hours of flying
1 hour debriefing
jet engine management, energy management, manual flight path management, pitch/thrust flight, etc
JOC2 SIM 1 hour briefing
4 hours of flying
1 hour debriefing
advanced flight path management - turning climb/descent, out of protection flight, extreme altitudes, high MACH training, etc.